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Return a clean Stardust bottle & get $2/off your next bottle!

Stardust Cellars is a Triple Dogwood business, awarded by NC GreenTravel. Please help us to maintain this distinction by promoting the protection of our environment and by recycling our products. Please collect all of our steel bottle caps together in a steel container to ease in the recycling process. This minimizes the risk of rejected recyclable material. 

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Sustainable Practices

Stardust Cellars nurtures our relationship with Mother Earth by actively engaging with the local community to promote a culture of sustainability and responsibility for her well-being. Through research and development of our own best-practice biodynamic, organic, and sustainable principles and adhering to established environmental law. By using a bottle recycling program, a compost waste stream, and pushing towards an off-grid sustainable winery we are minimizing our own impact and wish to lead by example into the future of green business. Stardust Cellars will always be looking forward to new and better opportunities to further our commitment towards reducing, reusing, and recycling materials derived from our natural resources.